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A great idea this forum. Started the live aboard life last year (well 7months) and spent summer in Holland which is a fantastic place to begin.Everyone there appriciates boats of all types and after 2years of rip off south coast of England it was so cheap(but fantastic service and facilities) My winter berth afloat with electrics 8km from Amsterdam cost £320 from Oct to May for 11m boat.
BUT I DIGRESS. We return to our boat in mid March and will go through Belgium and French canals to Med. The general idea (the best plan is not to have a plan) is to be in North Spain and live aboard for winter afloat. Can anyone give any genearal indication of availability of berths and costs. Many thanks.


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24 Feb 2002
If you specifically want to be in Spain the most popular spot for overwintering on the east coast is Barcelona. If you are happy to go further south, Almerimar and Agua Dulce, both at the eastern end of the Costa del Sol, are two of the cheapest marinas in the Med and both have good liveaboard communities.

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7 Jun 2001
There are ports all along the North Spanish coast, offering everthing from fully serviced marinas in major ports through small local marinas to fishing villages with just moorings. Those in the first category include Santander, Bilbao, Gihon, Corunna. While they offer every facility and are well sheltered, being in busy working harbours they can be dirty and security may be an issue. You might consider somewhere a bit smaller with a good local marina - I would fancy somewhere like Ribadeo. Get hold of a copy of Robin Brandon 'South Biscay Pilot' for a good description of what's on offer.

The weather can be fairly wet and sometimes stormy in winter, so good shelter is important. The further west you go, the more attractive it gets, but transport connections get more difficult. Can't help you much on prices, but its a lot lower than the south coast of Spain, specially outside the main cities.