South Brittany - Berths


21 Dec 2003
I was hoping to base my boat in the La Rochelle area in 2006 but as a result of useful feedback from a recent posting on this forum discovered that it is busier than the Solent with 5 year waiting lists for berths etc. I am now looking at South Brittany and would appreciate views re marinas in Brest and south of, any knowledge of waiting lists etc.


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17 Dec 2004
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There's such a variety of places I would think its best to just go and cruise, see what you like or where you get to. When I was there 2003 there was plenty of space, in La Rochelle as well. We found that once you were there, that there were long term berths available, even in the smallest harbours such as St Martin Isle de Re. Have you spoken to the Marinas or just gone on what you hear here?
We sailed up from La Rochelle during August/Sept and there was space everywhere.
Have fun.. its a lovely cruising area..


10 Jun 2004
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I read the same thread, and PMed or asked someone that lives in La Rochelle and got the same answer, as i wanted to move from the very crowded med (honestly the med is full!!)

I just want to say i have a girl friend in Brest and she said you can always find a place (for my boat) but its really not very nice there!! its to military

The other long term reason i thought twice about that area are the tides!!When i was sailing that area the hospatality was amazing so was the sea food and i never had to pay while visiting a port for a day or two it was wonderful if not terrifiying to see the rocks.

Now ive decided togo to the Baltic where there are rock but not much tide! Better for my nerves!


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19 Aug 2001
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We left the UK last year and had no problem in making a provisional reservation for a berth at La Rochelle for the winter (September - April). I imagine things are rather different during the summer... As things turned out, we chose to stay at Rochefort instead as we felt if was more secure and had shore area for lift-out (we are not live-aboard). My advice is to email La Rochelle and ask them for a provisional berth. At least you can use this as a backup if you don't find anything better.