Sony CD Player - Connection Help


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25 Apr 2003
Kent, UK
Hi, I have a Sony CDX-2200 CD player to install onboard my boat. I have installed another sony player on a previous boat and the connections i remember were strange and difficult. - Now I cannot remember how to wire up the new one with the different connections. Any ideas?

It says:

Yellow - Continuous Power Supply
Red - Switched Power Supply
Blue - Power aerial control
Black - Earth.

I seem to remember it had something to do with the earth wire last time. I know the blue is for one of these aerials that have to go up when the radio is turned on in a car.


Thank you.


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16 May 2001
live near Saint Ives, Cornwall.
You need the yellow wire to have a positive voltage on it directly from the battery, or the battery side of the isolation switch. This is for the radio memory.

The red wire should come from the switched side of your battery isolator to ensure everything is switched off when you are not on the boat - other than the permanent +ve for the radio memory.

The black should be connected to a negative supply.

Forget the blue - unless you have an automatic aerial on your boat.

I've just fitted a Goodmans radio/Cd player on my boat, and the connections are still fresh in my memory.