Some people have all the fun......


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4 Jul 2001
Australia, East coast.
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A good friend and his wife left Cairns (East coat of Oz) headed for Darwin, 36 foot Tri and a good tail wind had them turning left for the 300 N-mile run into Darwin.

Small problem.....Big storm. Trampoline and 2 kayaks lost in the first hour, then the engine decided to shut down due to overheating. Needless to say we were all a bit concerned when no contact was made 24 hours after the ETA given after they turned left.

Got a picture on my mobile today, rubber duck secured to transom of tri with extra lines to each sponsen to hold it there, outboard engine puring away and doing close to 6 knots, expected to make Darwin PM today, still 80 N-miles to go.

Two text messages followed with the full story. It's been a while since I had that much fun.



I suggest they take the long route and do not try the channels under Melville island. We were doing 10knots past the reefs and needed the engine desperately. As most reef are submerged the current cuts the corner but we could not. There are a few anchorages so you can do just small hops per day in the slack times. They would have to plan the route carefully so as not to be caught near the reefs when the current reverses over them.