Snippets of things you probably already know


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30 Dec 2004
Temporarily back in Freezing France from St Martins (where I sadly couldn't contact most of the YBWers who were supposed to be there)
Two things came up which I umbly pass on
1. Never go to sea without the Worlds Best Instant Dentist kit - trade name Kalzenol or Zinc Oxide/Eugenol. Available without prescription, works on broken toofs (I know....), lost fillings etc. Mix a bit of Zinc oxide powder with the Eugenol (synthetic oil of cloves) with a matchstick to consistency of chewing gum, load finger and stuff it in the 'ole. Sets like a brick, stops pain instantly, lasts at least two weeks and can be replaced as needed. Tastes at first as if someone had filled your mouth with a mix of Tabasco sauce and lighter fuel but soon gone (rinse with rum for best results) Easy for Mr Dentist to remove when needed. Keeps for years, mine is at least 15 years old.
2. Get a WiFi long range card for your laptop, loads of Marinas (ae) offer free WiFi internet access and it is amazing how far the signal travels over water.


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26 Aug 2004
Lake District (closed for maintenance)
and if you get a high power wifi card get one with a detachable antenna so that you can fit one of these

or be really flash and get one of the 10dBi antennas that have a range up to 6 miles like on here but you'll need one of those MMCX jumpers too to convert from your wifi card to a coaxial.