Sharp Seapilot


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14 Feb 2005
Cheriton Fitzpaine, Crediton, Devon
Does anyone know where we can get spares for a Sharp Seapilot - it's a rather robust autopilot for wheel steering - but it's suddenly stopped working. Could be the brushes in the motor - could be who knows what. All suggestions gratefully received!


10 Jun 2004
crusing with an Arpège
so far no reply, i cant really help, at least i dont think so, i had a sharp i used on my tiller steared east anglian some 20 years ago i bought it second hand in St Tropez then when i threw my autohelm 1000 over board, to many press butons and not relialble

The sharp was wonderful a large yellow long oval with three knobs to adjust trim and yaw and?? i forget, i used the compass control unit to tack to steer and for passages, the only problem was when i got caught in the control strings to the tiller!

I dont remember why but i tried to find parts then and was told they dident exist im sorry!
i did see several boats useing that system but not for quite some years. I dident need it for my Hillyard to small anyway, so now the question is can i find it?? if i can ill get back to you,

It shouldent "just stop working" if it has then change the power cable, use a multimeter to check to the interior its a very solid unit but the seals on each side are very poor and allow humidity in try opening it up and cleaning it??

Good luck, if i find mine ill PM you but i wont be at the house untill June but ill note this thread.