Secondhand liferaft


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16 May 2001
Be wary as a chap I know bought one second hand with a brand new inspection certificate.

When he got it serviced a year later it was written off due to fabric deteriorating.It makes you wonder if the previous owner was warned it might not pass another inspection so decided it a good time to offload it onto someone else.

Sorry I havent got anything very constructive to add.


You might try authorised dealers of known brand names, such as Avon. If used L/R available, should come with some sort of warranty. SM Group (Marine Safety Services) in Plymouth are major suppliers of survival equipment (incl Avon) to commercial vessels as well as us leisure types- they might have something - ask for Harry Schwarz - very helpful and knowledgable, will tell you where to find what you want if it exists. Tel 01752 662129
P S - I have no connection with SM, just a satisfied customer. Harry spoke to our CA Local Section last year.