Seagull Outboard Stopswitch



I have a small Seagull Outboard which is fitted with neither clutch or a switch to stop the motor. The manufacturer's recommended method of stopping is to cut the fuel supply by closing the switch on the fuel line. However this leaves enough fuel in the fuel line and carburettor for the motor to run for 20-30 seconds and therefore one has to estimate when to close the switch. This can be unnerving when surrounded by expensive yachts.

Any ideas?


there must be a capacitor somewhere to supply a spark to the engine, earth the lowtension side and it'll stop. Throwing it in the drink also possible as jjt suggests , but awkward for restarting ;-)


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16 May 2001
A Practical Solution

Another solution is to short out the sparkplug HT. You may be able to set up a simple connection to the body of your motor such that when you operate it to touch the high tension terminal on the spark plug the complete short will stop the motor [wet hands and a slip will set a spark in your life as well!!!****!!!!]. Most motor mowers of a certain vintage used this as Briggs & Stratton motors still do.

I have been using Seagull motors for at least 45 yrs and have never had any problem stopping them with the throttle lever returned to the minimum position. Just a matter of adjusting cables and set screws etc on the carbie. Always works, no problem. In desperation the hand over the air intake, or full choke will work as well.

Great motors although technology is dated nowdays, however if you like vintage machinery... simple and reliable.
Good luck.