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7 Feb 2010
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Hi Chaps,

(If you have already come across this post elsewhere please forgive the cross posting).

This year I have the opportunity to fulfil a life goal of mine to sail my old Cornish Crabber from the Firth of Forth on the East of Scotland round to the Firth of Clyde on the West. Essentially sailing anti-clockwise round the Scottish mainland over the summer. I’m due to set off over the bank holiday weekend at the end of May, (just about a month to go and still many items to prepare). If you would like you can follow my progress here

While I’m wandering the oceans, through this trip I’m trying to raise awareness of dementia in our society and specifically trying to raise some much needed funds for ‘Alzheimer Scotland’ and the ‘Alzheimer’s Society’. If you can, I'd really love you to show your support by giving a donation to either of these Alzheimer charities. As a bonus my employer has pledged to match any giving to Alzheimer Scotland through this link up to a maximum of £500, so for anything you may donate it is in effect worth double to the charity.
Just to make it clear I am funding the trip myself, so any donation you make will benefit the charities directly.

Finally do you have any 'must see' or 'must avoid' tips for this trip?

David H.

Have you heard about my project this summer? Check out the following links:
The trip : Donate to Alzheimer Scotland : Donate to the Alzheimer’s Society

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