Sausage question - one for the chefs.


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1 Oct 2002
UK. South West.
I have just discovered a packet of part used mini saucisses se'ches onboard (which explains a lot), with a best before date of 08.08.10. They honk a bit and I would not want to tackle them, but they don't look too bad.
I always carry this sort of thing thing, when I can buy cheaply, as I have no fridge and they seem to last forever.
My question is, how long will the average petrified sausage last before it becomes dodgy?


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6 May 2005
sausagoliths will last for ever.

It really depends on the amount of preservative and smoking. Polish sausages and salamis have quite a long shelf life. Cured ham - especially smoked and on the bone will last two moths in a cold larder in England.

Give your time-expired sausages to your best friend's worst enemy.
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18 Dec 2010
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Aaaah....vintage aquired taste!!!!! Get a couple of bottles of cheap wine to accompany the mini saucisses se'ches and you will have fine dining like you have never had before.


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25 May 2009
Hope this is of some help.

Best Before = best flavour, quality and texture etc before this date, this does not mean its poisonous after the date it just means the manufacturer doesn't think it will be at its best. so canned beer, dried fruit, dried herbs etc...

Use by - is exactly that use it by the date or get rid!!!

As for your salty sausage. Its wee bit old and I would be very hesitant to munch on it although I have eaten worse after a beer or three.

The high level of salt and nitrates should keep the bacteria down for a good time. That is if the sausage has been stored in a dry and fairly standard temperature (not likely on a boat). However if its been open to moisture and variable temperatures it could give rise to a few nasties (That's even before the best before date!) and where meat is concerned that could be very serious indeed.
Also there is also a flavour issue here as you said they are honking a bit. As pork can go rancid over relatively short time if temperature abused.- So it may not be poisonous in any way but it will taste bloody awful.

As a chef and food scientist I always say "if in doubt chuck it out".

Check the FSA website for more advice