Sat TV any experts ???


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11 Dec 2006
I am using a KVA system on sat Astra 2 G8 dish. The frequency I have always used is GHz 12.188 Polarisation H. I have always had two problems the first one is that the system reverts back to vertical polarisation and the northern hemosphere frequency 11.778 and so I am always having to re tune virtualy twice a day.

The second part of my problem is that I have been told that if I tune to 12.129 or 10.773 I should get more channels, but all I get is NO SAT SIGNAL. Am I missing something??

I end up back on old faithfull 12.188 So I'm sat here currently in south Mallorca getting really peed off with this, especialy as the nearest bar is through a building sight, and a bit dodgy in the noche

The SWIMBO is getting reved up for the Royal Wedding and I don't want my life to end on the royal wedding day. She said this morning that she is going to watch it all day including the warm up from 6am. Well unless I can get this system working a lot better than this she will be watching it in the local bar. and that will cost alot af glasses of wine, by the time Wills is wed the SWIMBO will be hissed as a pute.

Unless somebody can help.


19 Sep 2002
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Sorry, I don't know the answer, but your description of what will happen if it all goes wrong has put my problems in perspective ... :eek:


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11 Nov 2005
Sant Carles de la Ràpita
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Hi Gary

Mine is a Raymarine system and we track Astra first time every time with the following:-

Vertical Low Band set to 11895
Horizontal Low Band set to 11954
Vertical High Band set to 11895
Horizontal High Band set to 11954

So try setting your Vertical polarisation to 11895 and Horizontal polarisation to 11954

I did work it out once using data fron Lyngsat

Anyway, these frequencies work for me in Sant Carles


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1 Nov 2006
Do you have household aerial riggers out there, who fit dishes to houses & apartments for a living. A good one will have far more idea on this than your average marine engineer. My previous boat is a good example, current boat however I used Osmotech in Southampton who actually did know their stuff.