Sail bag - zip coming away from bag cloth.


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31 Oct 2005
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This summer I eventually got round to solving the poor way my lazy jacks were strung.

The bag always fell lower at the stern end than the bow end. No matter how I altered the lengths of the stringing of the jacks it continued to be a problem.

I therefore restrung the whole shebang and eventually after a couple of attemts got it to do the exact opposite... lower at the bow end than the stern.

I know it all depends on the system we have but now I was satisfied and the unzipped bag didn't rub across the top of the bimini all the time. I'm sure there are others who say the bag is best parallel with the water or deck etc.. or who have pictures of various stringing methods..... I would be pleased to see

However, I failed to keep a constant support for the zip whilst it was closed during all this and the zip began to break away from the cloth as the weight of the sail within the bag was just too much. The old stitching was dying.

So, a tip whilst you redo any stitching on the sailbag zip, keep the zip well supported somehow when the zip is closed up..... e.g. Tie it up with sail ties or put temporary support to the bag with a halyard or two etc...

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