Safety warning Kill Cords



From Stuart McNamara Lough Ree Powerboat School in
Ireland .

We were shocked recently with what we encountered with two "spurious" or
or "non Yamaha" Yamaha out board engine
Kill cords .

During the the last few weeks , while stopping off by boat at two seperate
marinas around Ireland , I called into the shops for a chat and ( as you
do ) bought a couple of knick knacks or small items to be polite , including
on each
occasion a spare Yamaha Killcord which went into the kit boxes of two of my
School's Rigid Inflatable Boats which are fitted with Yamaha Out Board
Engines .

A few weeks later one of these cords failed where the cord doubles back and
secures on itself under a metal clip . It happened while the cord was being
pulled off the throttle control box at the end of the day by an Instructor .

Obviously the metal clip had pinched the kill cord and cut into the plastic
of the cord . We inspected all our other cords . They all appeared ok .

A few days later , the other cord was being stretched by one of my
Instructors prior to clipping it around her leg when it snapped right in the
middle . Again it would appear that the plastic of the cord had just failed
with out warning or discolouration / fraying of any kind .

Each of these cords had been used no more than three times .

Bobby Killen of Killen Marine in Dublin is widely recognised as the Out
Board Engine Guru here in Ireland and is also a Yamaha main dealer .

He tells me that the genuine Yamaha Kill cord has a tough string core which
means that the outer plastic covering is for protection rather than strenght
. The spurious ones are pure plastic with no central core so when they fail
, they really fail. It also explains why they are stiffer / not as flexible
to stretch .

As a result of this I have now banned spurious Kill cords from all of the
boats in our Powerboat School and would advise all other outboard engine /
PWC users to do the same .

Stuart McNamara
Lough Ree Power Boat School

Stuart McNamara
National Motorboat and Powerboat Trainer


Hi folks ,

The spurious ones come in a cardboard backed plastic bubble pack and retail at about £5 sterling

If you look through the plastic pack carefully at one of the exposed ends of the cord you will see that it is solid red plastic with no central core .

They are also much stiffer and not as pliable flexible / stretchy.

They also have black plastic spring clips on the end whereas the genuine ones have a stainless steel one .

Best wishes,


Stuart McNamara
National Motorboat and Powerboat Trainer


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31 Oct 2001
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Aha so your from Athlone (well i asume you are) my wifes family are from there, were hoping to bring the boat over this year, could you tell me

1 What sort of registration/licence is required

2 are ther any visitors moorings around Coosan Point area

3 any other paperwork/certification i may need to bring

Ive tried phoning the relitives but cant get the info (or the wife cant) required, the IWA dont seem to reply to their emails either, strnage really as Damien( the wifes uncle) is somthing to do with the IWA,




Hi Barry ,

I actually sat down earlier this evening and typed a few pages of a reply to your questions before posting it to the forum .

Unfortunately...........!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It does not seem to have posted properly AAAARRRRGHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ( It is now midnight !)

I had fairly good news for you on all your points .

Contact me off forum at or telephone me on 00 353 86 8149803 tomorrow and I'll give you all the info . In the meantime check out the IWAI's award winning website

If you join the mailing list there you will find they are also a fund of friendly information .

Best wishes ,


Stuart McNamara
National Motorboat and Powerboat Trainer