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Hi all. I'm new to this bbs and motor boating. I cut my teeth on a old 12 ton Hillard some years ago, logging many miles as crew. I now have some cash and am looking to buy a uesd Sealine F33, with twin Volvo KAD32P/DP 170bhp diesels.

What are my likely running costs? I have got figures for marina costs and insurance, but have no idea on fuel consumption, service costs, other running costs etc. I could do most of the servecing myself as I have a motor trade background, is this wise? Does it save a lot?

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On this set up expect about 20 -25 gals per hour running flat out and circa 12-15 gph at a reasonable cruise (say around 18/20 knots). Fuel varies a bit. Generally marina prices are around the £1.25- £1.40 marked per gal. You can get it cheaper than that if you buy from the same source as the local fishermen and one contributor even acquired his own bowser and gets it from his local farmer at around 70p per gallon.

Servicing is expensive and if you can do bits yourself you will save money. Volvo marine parts will make your eyes water and expect around three times the price of the equivalent van/lorry engine part. I am not sure if this particular engine has a land based equivalent but if it has some parts will be much cheaper from the local garage. You have to be careful, however as some van based parts are not up to the marine environment. The other big item to look after are your outdrives. Regulars on the forum will know my views on them but basically they need regular service and even if they get that they can give trouble. Also, shaft drive boats are better balanced because the engines are in the middle of the boat + they handle better at low speeds.

Watch your wash with this boat it will make a good three foot wave at speed, enough to upset some small boats and every yachtsman, so give people a wide berth and keep the speed down in confined waters

Good luck with the boat



26 Jul 2001
Volvo Penta KAD32P / DP-E…. how much to service?

Details from ‘a central South Coast marine centre’ following the VP service schedules, recommendations etc etc.

The engine runs on a 100 hour service schedule, after the first initial service when new. There are two service levels at 100 hours and 200 hours, ie. minor service followed be major service.

The 100 hour service is, in brief, an oil and oil filter change.

The 200 hour service is, in brief, a full engine and outdrive service.

NB. If the engine hours are not achieved in the season / 12 month period then you have an annually service which, in brief, is the 200 hour service.

So how many £’s are you going to part with?

Labour, depends on the hourly rate.
Engine, 100 hour, 3.0 hours per unit
Engine, 200 hour, 6.0 hours per unit
Drive, 4.0 hours per unit

(All prices listed are the current VP rrp + Vat)

Per engine.
Oil filter £5.28
Engine fuel filter £5.35
Pre fuel filter…. Not sure what Sealine fit, but expect £10 - £15
Air filter £15.82
Crank case breather filter £24.84
Sea water pump impeller £33.89
Compressor belt £22.14
Circulation pump belt £17.94
Alternator belt £16.19
Engine oil, 9ltrs £38.63
Compressor oil, 250ml £18.44
Engine coolant change, 8ltrs (50/50 mix), bi-annual £40.10

Per drive.
Transom shield anode £15.58
Leg anode £16.78
Drive oil, 3ltrs £50.31
Yoke bush set £6.91
UJ bellows £22.12
Exhaust bellows £34.77
Intake pipe clips £13.44
Power steering pump belt £8.24

All the above amount to the standard service items only, and do not include the ongoing safety checks and spares and repairs etc etc.

You should also consider parts/labour for winterisation and recommissioning at the end of each season and beginning of the next.

Fuel consumption, dependant on conditions and loads on board etc etc, but consider the following.

L/Hr = 21.00 (4.8gl)

Max / Full load
L/Hr = 36.30 (8.0gl)

If you are still in the negotiation stage of this purchase, obviously get the cost of a full service off the asking price.

Also you should negotiate about 2k off for stainless steel propeller sets, assuming the boat is fitted with the aluminium propeller sets. The reason for this is now VP recommend s/s DP sets are standard issue in all KAD series engines because of the loading/torque put through the aluminium propellers mean these have a very short service life. This is now the norm for all new boats etc etc..

Hopefully this helps.



Just wanted to say thanks chaps, very helpful indeed.