Rumours of Thames Clubs not going to St kats over Easter ?


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17 Nov 2017
Penton Hook
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I was just looking at St Kats Vs Limehouse.
Anyone had recent experience of Limehouse?
It looks like the lock is operated by the CRT, can one go in without a CRT licence? plus I’m struggling to find berthing fees.


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6 Nov 2001
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Two different kettles of Pisci . Two Groats worth.
St Kats without doubt the hip hop happening location..... right in the middle of everything and everything on your doorstep.
You, and your bottle of Lidle/Aldi/ Iceland plonk, can chill out on your luxury vessel watching the passing crowds watching you
chillin out, bit like being moored in Cannes, especially if they put you in the posh centre basin between a 70 ft Squadron and a block of flats pretending its boat........... Nordhavn.
Entering the lock on a busy day can be "interesting" and the art of queing only observed by British boaters and being roundly ignored by anybody wearing any other ensign. :)
A Waitrose nearbye with the best selection of wine East of the Tower. OK Yaa !
Once in and moored its worth every single one of the very pretty pennies you will be paying before leaving.
The cost/booking mooring all to easily found on line, cost does fade but the memories last longer.

Limehouse Dock.
Out in the Gulag of the road to Essex and armed guards in every local convience store( well at least two security guards per outlet) one shop refused take my £50.00 note.
Sometimes the boredom is broken by a livaboard canal boat going across the dock to empty a poo tank.
But it does have its bad points as well. :)
However if you want to get away from the frantic pace of London it is a quiet oasis of peace and tranquility in the "shuffling madness."
The lock is somewhat less stressful when the staff operating the bridge and the lock are talking to each other.
Limehouse used to be a bargain, prices are catching up with St Kats.

Getting in.
St Kats book early.
They will try to squeeze you in if you are bouncing around outside.
They are lot more communitive now than they used to be a few years ago...they want your money and if they have spare corner they will fill it, been moored next to that royal barge thingy before.

In past who ever in CaRT was in charge decided that livaboards were the best thing to have in the dock to generate income, no annoying requests to use lock etc.
Requests for club visits/rallies were ignored or declined.
Think this is still the case but rumours that individual boats are still welcomed.
Costs for visitor berths on a website ....Good luck with that one matey if you actually find one.

Coming down from Teddington.
Get out of lock as early as you can it is possible to get that first marina lock in without causing too many friendly waves from any rowers/sailing dinghies/swimmers/ paddle boarders etc , the kayaks actually bother to turn into and enjoy a little wash.
Coming up from where be Dragons.
Catch the first of the tide at bottom of Sea Reach and let it carry you up, easy to achieve arrival before lock opens with a least a knot or two of tide assisting your passage.
Get there too early and you will probably enjoy some of the worst bouncing around you will very encounter waiting around outside any lock.
The brave might attempt to pick up a waiting bouy, we just go across to far bank and stem the tide.
They once used to have a lines attached to those bouys, it made it lots easier to get a turn, told to remove them. ?
Ps. Get those fenders out and mooring ropes ready on each quarter somewhere around the barrier.
Have we missed anything.

South Dock.
You are desperate :)

Chelsea Yacht Haven. Closed.
We were probably the last visitor they could be bothered to let in.
Amazing toilets though.

Widdy Dock.
Open again ?
We shall soon see, if anybody can prise open the lock gates it will be TMYC. (y)
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18 May 2008
Limehouse hole or Cookham
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Limehouse seem to need a CRT licence. I don't think they are doing visitor moorings. The way to get around this is by having a 30 day 'explorer licence'. This gives 30 non consecutive days but it does mean you would need to moor on the wall with no services or security and a climb out of the Boat.

their online lock booking system requires CRT licence, BS ticket and insurance but of course it is still possible to call the Docklands office by the blue lift bridge and talk to a human