Rudder bearing help


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15 Jan 2013
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Hey guys,

I have been looking at buying a Newbridge Navigator, and I have noticed that there is an awful lot of play in the bottom of the rudder. I assume its either a pintle coming up from the base of the skeg, or a section of the rudder stock protuding past the base of it, and sitting in a recess...either way, does anyone know why there is so much space there?

Is it missing a nylon spacer, or a bearing of some kind? I assume I unbolt the sides of the skeg, add a spacer or bearing, and put it back together?...that sounds to simple!

The photos were taken with me lifting the rudder blade up. It just drops back down to the skeg when you let go.

nav rudder 1.jpg

nav rudder 2.jpg


23 Sep 2010
West Sussex / Hants
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it's not a silly question at all, Newbridge boats were notorious for rudder problems inc falling right off, seems you'll have to improve on their efforts.

I haven't read Vics' article but I'm sure he'll mention nylon can be problematic when used for rudder bushes as, surprisingly it swells in water; how about tufnol, if you can source some ?