Riddle of the Sands video WANTED PLEASE



Does any one have a Riddle of the Sands video that I could buy off them? I have a sailing friend who is laid up this season after a major operation and I know that a copy of this video would be the best gift I could give to speed his recovery.The trouble is that it is no longer available new. I would be SO PLEASED if you could help!


This was distributed in the UK by:

Parkfield Entertainment Ltd
Unit 12
Brunswick End Park
Brunswick Way
New Southgate
N11 1HX

I don't think that they exist any more - not sure about that.

I have a copy of it but don't want to sell it. I have the facilities to copy it if you send me a tape. I know this is not correct but as it is no longer available and for a sick person I am willing to do this.

E-mail me at ABKTyler@aol.com and I will e-mail you my address.