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27 Oct 2002
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It may or may not have escaped your notice but the Met Office site has changed recently. Your old URLLs will not now work – unless the Met Office has put a “re-rect link” in. See for links to the main marine pages – rather “heavy” downloads and to much smaller “Printable Texts.”.

For those who are more adventurous, maybe a little belatedly, I have seen that the Portuguese website is greatly improved and significantly more useful. Go to for these pages. This site also has sea state, sea temperature an currenrinformstion.

As with many national weather services, these pages have now been jazzed up by people who go for appearance rather than content. But, if you have not got good bandwith, try sending an email to with text, for example –


The reply within seconds will just give the text off the page. You will find the forecast in a mail of about 2kb.

It is, of course a moot point whether we should rely on the internet for GMDSS forecasts. However, it really has become the de facto replacement although it is only sensible, an necessary, to retain the ability to use VHF, NAVTEX and, going fat afield, HF/SSB and/or inmarset.

As a “commercial”, the second edition of Reeds Weather Handbook is now on saile. Modesty forbids me from giving the name of the author.
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