Retired Caribbean yachters wanted for tv show.


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18 Apr 2007
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Hi everyone.

I work for a tv company called Films of Record. We’re researching a documentary about the exciting things that people do when they enter retirement. We’re looking at the real “lifetime dreams” and “big blowouts” that people do when they finally have time - like buying the ultimate summer house in Tuscany, backpacking around the world, getting your pilot’s license… One story that we’re keen to pursue is the idea that some retired couples sell up in the UK, buy a yacht and sail it to the Caribbean. We have been put onto the story by a contact, and are currently trying to find out just how widespread a trend this is – or if it exists at all. We’re very keen to make contact with anyone who might be considering undertaking this very exciting adventure.

Founded in 1979 by BAFTA Fellow Roger Graef, Films of Record is an award winning television production company with a reputation for intelligent and thoughtful factual documentaries. Recent credits include productions for BBC Panorama, and Channel 4. There's more about us at

All the best,
Tom Porter.