Replacing seals on a Lewmar opening portlight?


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5 Feb 2006
N Kent Coast
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How much of a sod is this job? I have a small weep from one seal but it's difficult to tell what's involved in replacing it without dismantling the thing, which would instantly turn a small weep into a great big leak. Well, hole, really.

It's a 1986 Standard Portlight, size 0, by the way.

It is possible with perseverance! I am told that using a bit of superglue helps to get the seal to fit all the way round without pulling it out at the corners. I did mine just with silicone as per the instructions and it took some time, but went in in the end. Maybe the second one would have ben much quicker. Worth doing, as even a small weep can give you a load of other work to do.


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16 Mar 2005
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It is not difficult once you get the knack! We have done four so far, the first nearly drove me beyond drink but once we sorted a method it is just a lot of effort. We just use silicon. Make sure ALL the old silicon or whatever is completely removed from the channel - not always obvious. It helps a lot to make sure that you are trying to install the seal the right way round! You need to push the lip of the seal into the channel at just the right angle using a broad, rounded end tool - I find a plastic clip used to hold paper tablecloths to outside restaurant tables just the right thing. It helps to have a mate sitting outside while you fit the seal from inside the boat - the outside one can usually tell from how the seal is sitting in the frame if it is properly installed in the slot. Finally when it looks right then close it up and if it still looks right then it probably is right. Leave it for 24 hours plus before you are tempted to open or test.
Good Luck.
I found a single malt a great help with the first one.
Fair winds.