Re engine a centaur with penta 2003


New member
22 Feb 2011
I have a westerly Centaur with the original Md2b engine which is no longer serviceable.
I am shortly going to lift her out of the water and refit a new 'used' engine. I replacement engine i have in mind is a Volvo penta 2003..28hp fresh water cooled. This has come from a marine engineers and originally had a sail drive but they have fitted a gearbox for me..they assure me it is suitable for the job, although im aware its a little over powered. I was going to go for a Bukh dvd 20 raw water..
However although the engine dimensions are roughly the same slightly smaller if anything, i can't find any examples of a Penta 2003 fitted in a Centaur on any internet sights. There are enoug of them around .As its in very good condition and fresh water cooled i would rather go for the penta..
Does any one know of any reason why the penta 2003 engine would not be suitable for the aware of the adaptations i will have to make to the boat.. :confused: