Princess 385


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19 Aug 2001
Brecon, Wales
I am interested in the purchase of one of these boats on the used boat market and would appreciate any advice anyone can offer.
Having checked the Princess site for the basic details of this model, tyhis site states it has a length of 39feet8inches but I have seen an advertisement to the effect it has a length of 38ft and has a displacement hull. Were such models made with displacment hulls?


To the best of my knowledge there were no displacement hulled 385's they all have a medium V planing hull. There might be some with small engines which only drive her to displacement speed but, again, never heard of that.

The length is a bit misleading - there are three lengths

a) what you tell the marina which is usually the smallest you can get away with, usually the hull length (38ft in the case of the 385)
b) the overall length including bathing platforms, overhanging dinghies, etc.. This will be a few feet more - probably 40ft in a 385
c) the size of boat you tell the women you have after a few drinks at the bar/party/dinner. This usually will have a 385 up to about 50ft!