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12 Oct 2002
north lincs.
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Swmbo just cooking tea and fan heater element kaput, bu-ar,dont you practical guys,like me, wish you were an accountant or solicitor,so you could say"give them a ring tomorrow to fix" while I go sailing or golf!!!!


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19 Nov 2003
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I am a practical person, and have realised that fan heaters are now a quid a box, so leave it for now, ring the Chinky on a Moped, open a bottle of red and chill out. If you need further heating, suggest wander down the pub.
In the meanwhile, post on here for best online delivered heaters, order express.
Robert is your relative, no accountancy involved.


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17 Apr 2002
NE Scotland
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Think yourself lucky!

A couple of Christmas's ago, all SWMBO's famly were to be coming round Xmas eve for dinner. The night before, I was tasked with preparing and baking a ham joint. Turned on oven, prepared ham to go in. Opened oven door - STONE COLD. Luckily, it's a double oven, so the top oven was used.

Xmas eve morning, and there's still the turkey to do and no oven. Outlaws coming at 12. Where am I going to get an element Xmas eve morning, fix oven, and roast turkey? Not a chance!

Ended up taking turkey etc round to a friends house, and using their oven. Transported back to our house in the car, and a successful lunch was had by all. Swimbo happy that her family had been fed.

Day after boxing day, removed element, drove into Aberdeen, walked into shop clutching element.
"Same thing"
Off he went into back shop, returned with element. Drove home and fitted it into the cooker.

Collected a few brownie points for my efforts.

One of the advantages of being a practical sort of guy!


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12 Aug 2005
Hampshire, UK
As an IT guy I make my living from people assuming that what they do is more important than what they use to do it.

I admit it's fun when they get the invoice!

Now don't get me wrong for a long time I worked on the basis of well I earn X an hour so how long would it take me and what are they charging.

Then I realised that there is satisfaction in doing something yourself. Not because you needed to but because you could.

I now work the basis that I don't employ somebody to do some work, but to show me how they do it.

Now I have the choice! If I have the time I do it. If not I employ someone, but I still ask them to show me what they are doing,