port solent / Brighton



Pressed ganged a crew to accompany me from Pt. Sol. to Btn. including two dogs a 12yr old boy to fetch and carry. 1 women and two airline pilots. Arrived at boat to find davits bent , further enquiries found out the marina work boat had crashed into it . So Premier marinas are going to replace davits more aggro. (how much for SS davits?).
Negotiated Solent , thought we would have comfortable ride back , but wind Blowing North Easterly that never happens except when i'm making an easterly passage. Anyway made it back to Brighton just a load of dog hair and bottles to clear up. The weather looks good now for the lightweights , i'll save my boating days for the rough weather again when the tough get going . Also no Qs at fuel pontoons, lock gates and you can get a berth outside the pub.


16 May 2001
Any Pub Lancashire or Wales
Like you say Mark, there are good reasons for sailing on bad days. Like easy parking at the pub. Zooming up rivers cos no one cares when it's cold and wet. Special service in the marinas cos your the only one moving. Cant understand the need for dogs as crew? Or maybe I'm missing the purpose.
Airline pilots, now I can see a use for them, bet they had more take offs and landings in one day than they've had all there lives as pilots!