Port Camargue - what's it like?


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15 Feb 2003
Re: Port Camargue - what\'s it like?

I was there a couple of years ago looking for a berth for a 40ft and they said they were full, but most of the marinas in that area are full, the best way to obtain a mooring is a short stay, with the option of staying a bit longer. I worked it out it would have cost about £1500 a year as a visitor, which is a lot cheaper than Britain.
Port Camargue is a huge area with about 4500 berths, although a bit isolated.

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28 Jan 2005
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Re: Port Camargue - what\'s it like?

I was there last year its a clean modern marina with loads of facilties
Its got good repair and chandlers
Loads of things for kids just down the road
Its a long way from Marsielle airport about 3 hours it takes 2 train journeys
But I really liked it
Its hugh the visitor moorings are very close to the clean modern shower block
Its even got a casino on site