Pirates... enough evidence to stop you yet?

Phoenix of Hamble

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28 Aug 2003
East Coast
Just seen this via a Facebook friend

Just received the following radio email from a USA flagged yacht currently in the Coalition Corridor:

Unfortunately, we have had 4 incidents along the Corridor in less than 24 hours.

Last night we saw a ship being attacked not 5 miles from our position. Flares going off and then a fast moving boat with a red light headed in our direction - then light went dark. Enough for us to call MARLO who got US Warship to speed in our direction. We had Helo's and an escort the rest of the night. Incredibly scary. Then today we spotted a dhow with 2 skiffs in the middle of the corridor again 6 miles from our position...and even though they get reported, the resources are too thin to respond in time! And at 12:30 sailing yacht XXXXX (USA) & yacht sailing yacht XXXXX (USA) reported a merchant vessel was being attacked again in the corridor only 38 miles ahead of us. It is NOT good here. It is very very bad. We are ditching plans for [deleted] and going north to [deleted]...Yes, I have the report on gun fire and rioting in the Port of [deleted]..that IS how bad it is here in the Coalition Corridor.

I can't believe anyone is still attempting this journey. I hope and pray that their journey is completed successfully.


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12 Mar 2002
That is not good reading. I am so glad we did not go.

The problem is a lot of yachts are stuck. I think Visas will expire in India and turning round is hard because of the weather.

We have friends who have given up and are being shipped out of India.