Piracy Update Service Launched Today


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11 Oct 2004
As some of you are aware I've been working on a little information project lately. Some people on the forum have been helping smooth out some issues but today is launch day, so I thought I'd post up the press release. Thank you to everyone who helped out, your feedback was very useful. If you know of anyone on the high seas who might find the updates useful, please forward this on to them. In particular the text-based weekly updates might be useful for those on low-bandwidth email.

A free piracy news service was launched today, giving mariners, sailors, journalists and the general public up-to-the-minute news and alerts on piracy in the Indian Ocean, Arabian Sea and Gulf of Aden. The news, sourced from around the world, is consolidated and then delivered via email, RSS, Twitter and SMS. Data is delivered hourly, daily or weekly. The URL is http://www.followtheboat.com/piracy/

Followtheboat Piracy Update is constantly refreshed with news and attack information as soon as it is released, presented in an easy-to-read format. (consideration is given to sailors with low-bandwidth email connection). It offers links to email subscription and RSS update services. Followtheboat Piracy Updates are available through Twitter and, in some countries, via SMS messages. The page also sources important video clips and has a live piracy map with the very latest attack information.

The state of the piracy situation is now affecting the global economy and the situation is changing daily. It is important that those affected stay posted of events as soon as they happen. Many sailors are still crossing dangerous waters without the latest information at their fingertips. This service aims to fill that gap by providing filtered news searches sourced from news agencies around the world. These include the BBC, The Guardian, Wall Street Journal, The Hindu, Reuters and various African and Middle Eastern publications.

News, updates and links are also provided by marine organisations like the MSCHOA, the ICC and the European Union Naval Force Somalia. The page offers a feedback facility to discuss improvements to the service. It is all free to use but donations are appreciated.

CONTACT: Jamie Furlong
COMPANY: followtheboat.com
EMAIL: piracy@followtheboat.com
PHONE: +91 999 57 33419
WEB: www.followtheboat.com/piracy/
TWITTER: http://twitter.com/piracy_update