Phew, a bit of potential extreme boatfixing avoided.


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19 Nov 2003
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We have been attacking the 'List' again this weekend, and can report good solid progress. We met the owners of a Dehler 35CWS, joined them for a jug, and did no work until the following day.

This morning dawned bright, and with a mouth like a the undertray of a parrot's restraining device , I set about brekkie and got to work.

Today, we shall mainly be engine servicing. 500 hours, so including tappets as well, and a change of gearbox oil.

I started the engine to warm the oil, but no water out of the exhaust again. STOP!!!!
I sussed it though. Aha!
This was due to the Tides Marine seal feed pipe not being high enough, i.e. above the raw water strainer, so the water was gradually siphoning out of the system through the seal. Bugger. Anyway, fixed this by rerouting and looping it over the raw water filter so the filter bowl remains full.

So, back to the task of warming the oil, and I am looking round the rotating bits and looked around the front of the engine. I must say, I was taken aback, effronted even, to discover that the water pump belt had the temerity to shred since I last look at it, and was v.wobbly when running the engine and not very efficient at all.
Quite when/how this happened is a mystery, but, being Full Circle, I went into the aft warehouse and retrieved a spare belt.
Here is the original. It would have lasted another 10 minutes tops. You could absolutely guarantee that the naughty Gremlins would allow the belt to pass at maximum scary or embarassing time, and felt a bit ashamed that I hadn't spotted it before.



So I set about the disassembly, and even worse was to come. Jeanneau had routed the calorifier outfeed from the engine coolant system past the water pump and, at some point in the near past, this had worked its way down to the rotating pulley or belt, and the worn chafe had almost gone through the pipe, but you couldn't see it until removing the water pump brackets.
So, again, I reckon it could have gone throught the pipe wall at any time, again, the Gremlins would most certainly have ensured maximum scariness and embarassment with the failure. Again, a couple of pics of the bit I cut out of the pipe.



I can only imagine that a simultaneous failure event would have had me in total panic mode, and not easy to fix either. This would have stopped the raw water flow, and sprayed the entirety of the antifreeze all over the engine compartment.

I whizzed off to Burnham and got a pipe joiner, and hooked it all back as it should be, and rerouted the pipework, so I have about 10mm clearance for all the pipes now.
The air filter was also very dirty in the area of the intake trumpet, I think that was the cause of smoking at 3450RPM, but after a clean in paraffin, its all back in and working now.

I also cleaned all the rubber crumbs from the front of the engine......
So after changing the oils, fuel filters, done the tappets and screwed it all back together, I was absolutely chuffed when it all fired up and burbled away quietly to itself.

So that was a lesson relearned for me, I must check these things more often, and not just at service intervals.


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24 Oct 2006
Bradwell and Leigh-on-Sea
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I replumbed my Tides Seal last week with a big loop to overcome the water pouring back through the pump whilst trying to change the impeller.

Last year I noticed a little weep of water when doing something else and it was a hole chafed through a hose just like yours. It was right near the end so 5 mins cutting the end off and refixing - it's a relief to find these things the easy way!