PBO design - compliments



Ken, do you have a Twister at the moment? We had two in a row in the past. 'La Ina' (wooden coach-roof) and 'Kavirondo' (all fibre-glass). Very good boats. All the best.


The design and layout seems to be improving all the time, especially with the use of modern printing facilities. When PBO launched the printing facilities were ante-deluvian but up to the standards of those days - letterpress, nyloprint (I think it was called) blocks, colour only available on the covers and very expensive. I was there at that time with Denny Desoutter & George Taylor, I'm now retired, but remember the thrill of the launch, especially being swamped with buyers, both readers and the trade, at the 1967 Boat Show, to the envy of all the other mags. Issues cost 3/6d (17 1/2p) then which was considered expensive at the time.

Rodger Witt and his boys & girls are doing a fabulous job today keeping PBO at the top of the UK yachting magazine field where it's been ever since issue No 1.