Paint above the Waterline


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24 Aug 2004
cornwall UK
Dear All,

As part of novice ongoing work on my project ED, some of the paint on the top sides above the waterline was peeling.

Deciding to remove it, the end result was that nearly all of her paint peeled off in big strips, although this made the job very quick, a brownish smelly resign was on the strips of paint and on the boat itself.

The paint is solid on the decks.

Any suggestions before re-painting?

Additionally, I am still removing the AF (see previous post) and paint on her bottom, when I removed it, in very small areas above the paint, I presume the gelcoat was damp, weepy and had that awful smell to it.

Although there is not any blisters just wet and soft and it was only patchy in small areas of the bottom of the boat and lower sides below AF line.

Do you have any advice for a poor novice.

Thanks again Jude


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16 May 2001
Above the waterline I painted my hull with International Brightside which is made for painting over older fiberglass boats .Quite pleased with the result. I rolled it on with a 4 inch foam roller then finished it with a brush. Do small bits at a time as it dries quite quickly then after a few minutes you cant brush over it again.

Derfinitely need to clean off any residue from the old paint with thinners or something then lightly wet and dry to give a key for the new paint .1 OR 2 coats of the undercoat and 2 topcoat is usually enough for a reasonable finish.Lightly sand between coats with fine wet and dry.

If your Boat is Grp I would recommend using Brightside,but beware of using it in hot weather as a friend of mine got in a mess with it on a hot day due to drying too quickly.

Re the problems under the water you need to get someone with experience of boat repair to check it out for you.


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17 Dec 2004
surrey england
if paint is comming off in strips then sounds like the old polish was not removed hard to see as it may have dulled down. try gun cleaner (celulose thinners) not from a chandlers try your local auto spares dealer, about £4.50 a gal. then key surface well prior to base coating.
use a bit of your top coat mixed in with your base/undercoat and thin as conditions dictate. allways try a small area first and wipe off unless your happy with paint laying off nicely.