Outboard wells



I am interested in receiving a few tips and some help with regard to designing and making an outboard well in my Seal 22 Mk 2.

I am particularly interested in the design and tips generally for the reduction of wave surge and making the installation as dynamically efficient as possible and as seaworthy as I can.

Has any body any practical experience that may help me. Thanks


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21 Aug 2001
Northland New Zealand
I have sailed on a Ross 930 (fast club racer in NZ) that had an outboard in a well. The bottom of the motor had a 'plug' that was fair to the bottom of the boat when the motor was raised for sailing, leaving no underwater protrusions whatever. The motor was mounted on two vertical parallel ss tubes of about 1 inch in diameter and slid up and down these with a simple catch fastened to the motor which held it up.Gravity held it down. The motor used was a two stroke 15hp I think. One disadvantage was that it choked on its own fumes that got trapped in the well when first started after standing for a week or so. This was alleviated by the helmsman flapping the lid up and down rapidly until the motor had enough revs to suck fresh air on its own.
This boat was of double diagonal ply construction /west type epoxy saturation. The well was a retrofit as the boat had had a small diesel originally. The well was made from epoxy saturated ply and the front of it was a main bulkhead all professionally executed.
I dont know how your boat is constructed, but if it is of modern ply/epoxy it would be viable as long as you were sure that the placement would not unbalance the boat. Good Luck.


Try www.sealasc.org.uk they produce a technical handbook with details of forming an outboard well and many other tips for Seal owners. I have recently carried out this alteration to my Seal 22
regards Malc