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11 Dec 2001
Well the "evil administrator's" come in for quite a bit of stick in the last week. Maybe "that time of the month", maybe justified, we each have our own opinions. Some express them here some keep on the sidelines not wishing to inflame the situation but this post's about how from time to time he can be a really nice bloke.

Now I know you're all going to think that's hard to believe and all that but here's a true story. After all would I lie to you?

A week or so ago I posted Spotters Badge asking if there's a book showing all the different motor boats. Of course I got all the normal jokey responses and a couple of serious replies, much like any post here. There's the serious info and the light hearted banter that makes this board what it is. Of course IMHO and not wishing to open that can of worms again.

In amongst the replies Kim recommended "25 years of Motor Boats" which I think is a somewhat out of date guide and Kim said "can obtain it here on mby books". So I tried. Thought I'd just see a preview of it and how much it is etc. Only I couldn't find it. Not only that, I couldn't actually do a search at all. So I phoned em. And they said they'd never heard of it. So rather than make Kim look a total twit and post that on here and then we'd all go "nah nah nah na na" and blow raspberries and other equally adult responses, I PM'd him and told him. And in normal Kim fashion, he PM'd me back and said "he'd look into it". So I thought, that's the last I'll hear from him.

But today he totally surprised me. Not only did he PM me and tell me it's sorted BUT, and here I hope you're all sitting down 'cos you could've knocked me sideways with a wet boatnut type stoker, offered to send me the prized MBM office copy free of charge and gratis and for nothing as long as I don't tell anyone.

Well of course as Byron well knows I'm never one to "miss a trick" so PM'd him back and said honest I won't tell a soul, but is it all right if I just send a PM to someone and he OK'd that so this is really a PM. But to everyone.

So see the Ayatollah does have a human side too. Or maybe that time of the month is over now, in which case its three weeks and counting till Liverpool play at home again.


11 Jan 2002
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Re: Creepiholic

Oh well, alright, now i feel a bit of a git.

Poor old kim, though, with no books or boat gear. "Oh shit, another order for a lifejacket, that's my last one" and so on.


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31 Oct 2001
So who made you teachers pet, You can go and stand with boatnuts over the otherside of the playground.

BarryH :cool:


Can I get one too?

Kim, now that you've shown all that favouritism to old oilyholic over there, when am I getting one? I have a former client who does remaindered books and if you send me enough, maybe I could do a deal with him - it would help with the new boat you know. If I do , I'll remember you at Xmas, honest!

Yours in anticipation



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16 May 2001
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Re: Can I get one too?

Sorry Nick, don't stock them here and Coliholic gets his reward, in part for helping to highlight a glitch in our book service which we've now solved and in part for putting up with me for two weeks on the Dutch cruise (or was that the other way around) last year.

If you are serious about the remaindered books bit, send me a PM and I'll keep it in mind next time we are checking any stock of books we hold here.

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