Ooo look new Volvo props


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4 Jul 2001
Volvo props with changeable blades!!! I Wonder how much they're gonna cost?

CHESAPEAKE, VA (January 14, 2002) ¡X Boaters will experience fewer problems and added boating pleasure with the new Volvo Penta X-Series Composite DuoProp Propeller. Specially engineered for the market, the new X-Series Propeller provides ultimate performance, ease of use, durability and value. The propeller¡¦s unique and versatile construction enables boaters to change blades quickly for added convenience. And with its durable Verton„¥ construction, the X-Series Prop has a tensile strength 10 to 15 percent greater than aluminum.

Ease of Use
With its unique design, X-Series blades can easily be changed by the boat owner, resulting in less downtime on the water. And if a blade ever does need replacement, there is no need to send the propeller to the repair shop for costly repairs. Spare blades can be kept on board for quick and easy replacement.

Changing propeller blades also can help set up your boat for the day¡¦s activity. For instance, position a lower pitch for waterskiing or a higher pitch for cruising. With the variety of blades available, repitching is simple.

Impact Protection
The unique makeup of the blades is designed to absorb the impact energy generated by a heavy propeller strike. This feature is designed to protect the lower unit from internal damage, and could save hundreds ¡X even thousands ¡X of dollars in repair costs.

Unlike aluminum or stainless steel propellers, Volvo Penta X-Series Propellers do not corrode or promote corrosion in the boat or sterndrive. And for added protection, each hub has a core of high-strength extruded aluminum covered with Verton„¥.

Exceptional Performance
X-Series Propellers deliver performance fully comparable to that of aluminum propellers. In a recent test, the composite prop fared as good or better than stainless props in acceleration comparisons. (For detailed information on each propeller¡¦s performance, see the chart below.)

*Stainless vs. Composite Acceleration Comparison:
Engine Propeller Type 5-20 MPH 0-25 MPH 0-30 MPH
5.0 Gi/XDP X-7 Stainless 4.8 sec 6.5 sec 8.3 sec
X-7 Composite 4.5 sec 6.3 sec 8.1 sec
5.0 Gi/XDP X-8 Stainless 3.7 sec 5.1 sec 6.5 sec
X-8 Composite 3.6 sec 5.0 sec 6.4 sec