Now, where to put the Jaycar transducer...?


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21 Aug 2009
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I have built the Jaycar ultrasonic anti-foul kit but I am not sure where to position the transducer.

My main objective is to protect the bits hanging off the back i.e. outdrive and trim tabs. (Strangely, I like keeping the hull clean, smooth and anti-fouled but I'd like to reduce the effort required on the rear bits).

The boat is a single-engined Bayliner 285 with a pretty standard layout (for the purposes of this) not covered by the default suggestions. Here are some of my considerations so far:

- I was told that the transom is cored, which may not be the best place to ensure maximum ultrasound transmission. Moving it forward may reduce coverage of the rear bits, though. Which of these arguments win?

- The transducer's 800v peak to peak may become risky at the bottom of the bilge where water could collect. But, moving it off centre and/or higher up means non-symetrical coverage?

- 800v peak to peak in a (modern) pertrol engine environment? Is this any more risk than any existing equipment there?

Options appear to be on the transom facing aft (next to outdrive), in the lower bilge next to the engine (tight), under the companionway stairs (central, less chance of water getting there) or any where forward of that but slighly to one side.

Any ideas?