Notices to Mariners - Week 48


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5 Nov 2002
West Mersea
UKHO and Trinity House Permanent/Temporary/Preliminary
1. East Coast Of England - Approaches To Great Yarmouth - Caister Road - North Caister Lighted Buoy
- Trinity House have moved the North Caister North Cardinal Buoy a little bit to the north.

2. BELGIUM - Buoyage. - Two different areas affected: first, three buoys marking (with others) a major wreck on the south side of the Nieuwpoort Bank have been removed. Ample other marks are retained. Second there is a very small move of the ‘Z2’ port hand buoy within the harbour of Zeebrugge.


On or around 24th November 2023 the vessel JENNY D will commence plough dredging operations at Tilbury 2 CMAT, Gravesend Reach. Dredging will take place on the ebb tide only, with expected completion around 8th December 2023. The vessel is required to display lights and signals as per the International Regulations for Preventing Collisions at Sea and maintain a listening watch on VHF channel 68.
Further details will be broadcast by London VTS on VHF Channel 68.
2. HARWICH HARBOUR - Dredging Operations - Scald - on or about 21 November 2023 the trailing suction hopper dredger Scald (IMO: 9352846) will commence maintenance dredging in the Harwich Haven and around the Port of
Felixstowe for a period of approximately 3 to 4 days. Materials will be disposed to the beneficial sites in the River Stour and River Orwell. Images on the use webpage (Notices to Mariners).
3. PORT OF GREAT YARMOUTH - Great Yarmouth Third River Crossing Dredging - The Stour multicat, DMS Condor and Hurst Tug will be working at Berth 31D and will commence dredging works in front of the Southern Pontoon at Herring Bridge (see location diagrams in the usual webpage). Dredging works will be undertaken via an excavator onboard the Stour, supported by the DMS Condor and Hurst (see Annex 3 for pictures of vessels). There are no restrictions on the timing of the activities. It is expected that the dredging shift will be in operation between 0600 – 2000 but this is subject to confirmation. During the dredging works, the works may restrict the passage of vessels; however, the navigational channel remains open, but if deemed necessary by the Marine Operators from the Port Authority, the dredging activities will be temporarily relocated to allow safe passage. Regular movements of these vessels will be undertaken in the immediate vicinity and they may be moored/in position on either side of the river. All vessels and any over-side work locations will be efficiently illuminated during hours of darkness. Expected dates: 17th November – 22nd November 2023. Subject to confirmation.
4. IPSWICH - Lock Beam Restrictions - Leisure users are advised that the lock will be operating on one gate only from:- Friday 17th November – Friday 1st December 24/7. This work is due to engineering works being undertaken.
The lock will remain operational throughout with beam width restrictions. Further information can be established by contacting ONS on VHF CH68.
5. PORT OF RAMSGATE - the NORTH QUERN BUOY has shifted during the recent poor weather and is presently off station by 185m NW of it’s charted position of 51° 19.458’N 001° 26.151’E.

That's it.