Not very busy, every Friday

Sans Bateau

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19 Jan 2004
The forum always appears to be less busy on a Friday, there could be two reasons for this, no its not a poll.

Is the forum quiet because everyone has spent so much time reading and making posts that come Friday we are all in a state panic to get a bit of work done. Or, have the vast majority been able to monitor the forum (including the lounge) get all their work done then, come Friday dissappeared sailing?


1 Apr 2005
On the bow. Where else?
Here\'s something to liven it up for you.

On a senior citizen bus tour, while the passengers were unloading, to do some sightseeing, one elderly lady stopped and whispered in the driver's ear, ''Driver, I believe that I was sexually harassed!'' The driver didn't think much of this complaint, but promised he would check into it soon. Later, that same day, as the passengers were unloading again, a second little old lady bent down and whispered in his ear, ''Sir, I believe I was sexually harassed!'' This time, he figured he'd better look into it. A few passengers had remained on the bus, and he decided to go back and question them, to find out if they knew what was going on. He found one little old man crawling along the bus floor beneath the seats and stooped down to question him. ''Excuse me sir, could I help you?'' The elderly man looked up and said, ''Well, sonny you sure can. I've lost my toupee and I'm trying to find it. I thought I'd located it twice, but they were parted in the middle, and mine's is parted on the side!.''