Not a Channel virgin anymore! trip/pics


21 Jul 2009
Poole Quay
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I enjoy reading trip reports hugely so I hope this gives some enjoyment.

I've only had a boat for about 18months and my biggest regret is that I didn't get
into it earlier. Last year I took my Beneteau Antares 6 along the south coast and up
the Thames nearly to oxford. I loved the whole trip apart from the fact that when my
friends joined me we either had to go into a hotel at night or they just went home.
I was able to solve this problem by buying the Antares 30 at the Southampton boat
show last year. It was actually the show boat so I'm sure many of you have pawed
over it. Thanks for taking so much care:)

My trip to the Channel islands didn't exactly start according to plan with the boat
still out of the water at 1000 on the morning of departure! On the previous
Wednesday Dave from Dickies Swansea had visited to make some general repairs, whilst
in the engine bay moved the rubber hose that takes water from sea cock to stern
gland. It came off in his hand and water gushed in. As you can appreciate this is
not a wonderful thing for a boat owner to see at anytime let alone when he is about
to embark on a big (for me) trip. To cut a long story short with many thanks to Mark
Bevis and all the guys at Shamrock the boat was lifted last thing Thursday before
Easter weekend fixed and back in on Tuesday morning.

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Not a great start
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The crossing was thankfully uneventful, although the optimum cruising speed is 20kts
I had intended to go flat out if conditions allowed as it would only cost about £60
more, however if we went above that speed it did become a bit bang/crashy so we
settled for the eco/comfy speed.

My original plan was to get to Braye harbour on Alderney mid afternoon and if the
forecast was for a north easterly to move on to Guernsey as I've been told by
several different sources that Braye is no place to be in a NE wind. They are all
correct! Having been delayed though my friend and I had little choice but to tough
it out. 6 pints kept us unconscious until about 0330!

Goodbye land
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The calm before the pints
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Having cleared customs the next morning (smuggling is advisable only outside office
hours!) we set off for St Peter port. I used the Imray Pilot book for the trip and
can highly recommend it, the pictures that accompany the routes are really helpful
and makes the whole thing a lot less stressful. The waiting pontoon outside the
marina had a disagreement with the R from Antares which with hindsight was a good
thing as a letter can be replaced. Anyone got a spare R?!
St Peter port is a lovely town and a great place to pick up some Apple or Fat Face
tax free bargains!

After a day on my own and a change of crew a trip to the sheltered cove of Havre
Gosselin on the west coast of Sark was in order. I hesitate to report on this
gorgeous spot because I don't want everybody heading in there but I'm sure I can
trust you not to tell anyone else. The steep climb from the steps of the cove and
short walk to the "town" worked up quite an appetite for a great breakfast in a cafe
on "the avenue" I purchased a dinghy and a Flover electric outboard for the journey
and it turned out to be great fun. My new crew Julie enjoyed the dingy but came out
with a quote which i think sums up all of my boating..."it feels like we should have
a responsible adult supervising!"

St Peter port
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Havre Gosselin...alot of steps.
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Shouldnt we be supervised?!
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I'll post part 2 when I get a chance...if you want me to!


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24 Oct 2006
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Pics are very small, got a link to the bigger ones?

Please do post reports, i'm not going back in the water until June so reading/seeing pics like this make me smile :)


21 Jul 2009
Poole Quay
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Would love to put bigger pics up, any clues? My prob is that I'm using iPad I think. It took me an hour to get them this bad!!


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28 Nov 2008
Isle of Wight
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I haven't an Ipad but a quick google suggests using a Facebook application for the Iphone/Ipad and you should then be able to link in to them from here at whatever resolution you upload to Facebook... been looking for an excuse to buy an Ipad, so will convince 'the boss' I need to do so in order to help you out by trying it myself:D

great write up btw


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7 Jan 2005
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Would love to put bigger pics up, any clues? My prob is that I'm using iPad I think. It took me an hour to get them this bad!!

Theyre not bad, its a great report and I look forward to reading part two :)

Could you be using the link to the thumb nails instead of the actual downloaded photo ?