northeast mooring



hi can anybody give me some idea on cost of moorings and where/how to get one ? on tyneside or surrounding area.thanks


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23 Jun 2001
Liverpool, UK
I was only ever a crew in that area so I have no idea about costs:-
The marinas in that area are Roker (Sunderland); St Peter's (under the High Level in Newcastle) - LONG way to the open sea; Braid (Amble) municipally owned but operated by C&N - LONG and possibly expensive hike up the A1 as every speedcam is loaded with film.
I don't know about Blyth, but it is well located.
If you have a bilge keeler prepare to get very muddy.
Enjoy your sailing there and send my love to Lindisfarne (Amble YC and Royal Northumberland YC (Blyth) have deep water moorings there).


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27 Nov 2002
There is also Royal Quays at North Shields but its rather expensive.

I think Amble is not now operated by C&N but is privately owned. I don't know the present cost but it was quite pricey 3 years ago.

Blyth has pontoon berths but they are run by and for the RNYC. They have visitors berths (who are treated most hospitably) but I doubt they have berths to hire.

St Peters is quite good fun - I got inspected by the Port Health Authority there once (the boat that is not me personally). Its about 9 miles to the sea.

Sunderland has a marina but they seem reluctant to let berths for some reason. At least when I contacyed them everyone referred me to someone else.

Hartlepool is the cheapest at about £110 per meter and it has probably the best facilities too.

There are a number of trots of moorings all along the Tyne but I have no information on any of them. Friars Goose opposite St Peters may be a good place to start asking.

Hope this helps.