Norman 18



I have a Norman 18ft cruiser with a Honda 100, 10hp Outboard, it is fitted out for river cruising, however, I want to strip it out and refit it to use as a sea going fishing boat. My questions are ; What is the maximum size outboard I can fit and also is this boat suitable for use at sea obviosly only in castal waters.

Can anyone help.
16 May 2001
Good solid boat of the 70's. It had a massive system of frames under the floor. Much stronger than most small motor boats both then and now. It had a moderate "V" hull with a central keelson. Unless it has been structurally damaged it should stand up to 80hp easily although because it isn't a true deep V it might slam as the weather worstens

I crossed the Channel 27 times in one of it's rivals the Marina GT (see PBO March 1976 Vol 123 No 2481) but that was when I was young & crazy.

Pick your weather and it will perform as a fishing boat better than most.

Steve Cronin