My favourite day sail...what's yours


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22 Dec 2003
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My favourite day sail...what\'s yours

As the sun blaze's down here today thoughts are turning to the coming season...what is your favourite DAY trip away with boat?

Mine...leaving my home marina at Troon about 0900, tracking due west for 15 miles, the prevailing SW wind giving a nice close hauled trip of 3 hours, with the sun in the east the cockpit therefore full of sun as I track the 15 miles to Holy Isle on the east coast of Arran. Drop the hook on its west side in the shelter of Lamlash bay. Row ashore and take the north path to the summit of Mulloch Mhor the heighest point about 1000ft. Take in the magnificant views of the Firth of Clyde before taking the south path down and walking the west shore back to the dinghy.
Back aboard a nice glass of wine and bite to eat before heading back off on broad reach with kite up the 15 miles back to Troon, now the hot sun setting in the west providing plenty heat in the warm cockpit......all of this done often without another yacht seen all day, maybe the odd fishing boat or submarine, and if lucky a Minke Whale and loads of harbour porpoise....I guess we can always dream of good times ahead!!!

Good luck for 2005



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17 Mar 2004
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Re: My favourite day sail...what\'s yours

Last season, lovely weather, my nephew, girl friend and his son
rang my mobile asking could they join us?

My crew and I were already a couple of hours out of Faversham
enjoying a good sail towards Red Sand Towers.

I arranged to meet them at the Whitstable slipway in an hour or so
I duly received another message asking "Are you near yet?"
We were the only sail in the vicinity, however I "took a penalty"
to show them where I was and sailed into the shallows,
raised the hydraulic keel, dropped the anchor and drifted back
until she gently touched the bottom.

My crew referred to as "Little John" then valiantly volunteered to wade ashore to collect said girl friend and small boy. Once we were all aboard we were able to continue our cruise with more interesting company.
Little John was able to share his ample supplies of liquid refreshment
and a good time was had by all.

We have been asked to do the same this season, although I understand Nick is practicing giving his girl friend piggy backs without help. : /forums/images/graemlins/mad.gif

Regards Briani


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30 May 2001
Re: My favourite day sail...what\'s yours

Drive down to Hamble on a Friday evening ,traffic jams on M$ and M27. Get to pub in Hamble push and shove for a table and find food service stops at 8.30.
Rush about Sat am join hamble Scramble exit Hamble, get to Yarmouth soon as poss to make sure of getting a berth for the night. Pay £30.00. Wait for Watertaxi. Pay at least £1 each way for each crewmember. Pub busy, food not very good, pub smokey and loud music.
Depart Sunday am for Cowes, pay another marina fee for lunch stopover, bumpy mooring on outside. Set of back to Hamble along with loads of other boats. Clean boat, join traffic jams again on Motorway. Stop at Little Chef ...



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16 May 2001
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last day of the season

Two years running our last day has been a gentle sail from Trosa to Nykoping through a particularly beautiful bit of the Swedish skerries. The days were sunny and the breeze light. It takes about 6 hours in calmish water with little granite islands slipping by, the occasional sunbather to admire.
Whats galling is that you know the next day is spent stripping of gear ready for lift out, mast down and into the shed. The week after that is spent under artificial light doing all the post season maintenance and sleeping on the boat in the shed.
Its a hard contrast. But then thers the prospect of trundling back accross Europe eating and drinking and buying drink for the winter.


26 Oct 2001
Re: My favourite day sail...what\'s yours

Last season we left Rota and headed NW to Mazagon on the Fulmar.Blue seas 25/28 knts over the deck, Monitor at work and a broad reach.My friends girlfriend even went below to cook for us men(great girl and her first real sail too).
Fell in love with the boat on that day.