My boat a work of art?/


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31 Oct 2001
Not a bad piccy at all. I lay money on it you printed it off!!
I remember when you were restoring your boat. Fairly major job if I remeber rightly. How has it been going. If you were to do it again what would you change?
Has it lived up to your expectations re the engine etc. Wasn't it set up for a shaft and you rejigged for outdrive?


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28 Dec 2001
Hi Barry,phew questions....the engine has done exactly what we thought it would do ie give us 13knots flat ,but suprisingly gives 6 to 8 knots at 2000 revs so will run all day on hardly any fuel.One problem was the trim,ie with the heay lump right in the rear tend to be bows up,to combat this i,ve fitted trim tabs which work very well,so would mount the lump further forward and use a drive shaft if doing again.Have spent many a weekend "camping" on her ...and have caught the tea a few times aswell,all in all for what she cost she,s a super day boat and because of shallow draft we can get off the moring very quickly after the tide starts to run...ideal for wells,jobs to doat moment fresh antifoul when weather improves but local boat yard will do this for 180 paint included and a small fee for using the hauling out cradle.Still get great pleasure just going down to her to do regular checks.Cheers