MTU engine cycling


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11 Dec 2006
I know that many MTU owners and Captains have attended the MTU course at the factory in Germany and during that course MTU would tell you how to circulate the oil around the engine without it starting. The only problem is I have forgotten this process. I know it's a button sequence on the blueline control pannel. but every time I have a diddle I end up going into a full start up.

We were told that if the engines had been standing for a period of time then a without start cycle would replenish oil to the con rods and bearings etc etc. ensuring that the engine was fully lubed up prior to start.

I thought it was done by pressing start and stop together but when I tried this I just got a stop and a yellow alarm. fearing a red alarm I didn't try anything further thought better to ask.

Manual says nothing.

Engines are 2000 series MTU V16 2450 HP