Mortified, but not on offer.


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16 Apr 2007
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No, I'm not actually for sale (or for sail either, come to that), but I feel I should publicly state that I am mortified at having attracted so much notice by my carelessness in failing to read The Rules. Especially Rule 4. Lesson learnt. Blame my old man: "Isn't it time you got rid of some of this boat junk of yours that's cluttering the place up?" he asks frequently.
Yep, I know: this is where someone might wonder if he shouldn't be getting rid of me! But I'm safe, because his knowledge of how to advertise things for sale is even far worse than mine! It's actually zilch.
Maybe there's a Rule which forbids a vendor being facetious ....

Sans Bateau

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19 Jan 2004
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Well they are up there, top of the page. We are a small community and the rules are there for the guidance of all. You do sound a bit like my wife though, anything goes wrong and its my fault!!;)

Anyway, I'm still waiting for you to reply to my question about the Garmin GPS.