Moody33 mk2 - Help! Ply bulkhead is rotten where the babystay fits....


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8 Feb 2002
/forums/images/graemlins/frown.gif Hi everyone, I've already posted this on the Moody Owners association site but though you could also give me your opinion.
Finally investigated the 'possible' rotten bulkhead under the baby stay fitting(as spotted on the survey). Well it was rotten! On investigation the babystay fitting is a tang poking thro' the deck, bolted to the forecabin bulkhead, with the door opening immediately below. The tang has a ¾"Ø x 18" long tube welded to it and this bears against the underside of the deck. It looks like this bar has been taking the strain for the past few years. The rotten ply appears to be a size of about 6" x 4" deep, immediately over the door. It could of course be larger but I haven't investigated too far yet.
To do the job 'properly', I guess I will have to remove the laminated door semicircular 'top' and one side; peel back or cut the 'formica' laminate on each side, cut out the affected area and 'dovetail' in another piece of ply; recut the top of the door; refit the door frame, refit the tang and drill a new hole in the ply; re-instate all the linings, trim removed etc etc.
OR - my preferred option - is to add a large 18" x 4" x 3mm ss plate welded to the tang and tube with several extra M6 Countersunk holes through sound ply. As the ss would be visible it would be polished to make a feature of it(the tang is already exposed). I would also rake out as much of the rotten ply as possible and fill the void with epoxy poured in through the tang slot in the deck.
What do forumites think?


13 Feb 2003
i think the baby stay fitting is prone to leaking. and this discolours the teak laminate and would eventually rot it. I am not sure however that the rot would affect the integrity or strength of the baby stay fitting. this as u say is aa t shaped fitting which bears on the underdeck. i would have thought that if the deck is secure where the tang is then all that is needed is a cosmetic repair of the rotten area.