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23 Feb 2009
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Can anyone help with identifying a handheld internet device for viewing Grib US. I have been looking at the iPod touch but apparently it's not compatible with Grib software. I mainly use "Hotspots" at the moment either from the boat via a "Hawking dish" or by carrying my old/heavy laptop with usless battery to Internet cafes etc. If there is nothing that allows Grib US are there any other similar weather sites that would work in a similar way with mobile internet, ie a quick download that can be viewed at leisure even offline. An added bonus would be if the device could be used to up-date my rather aged "Tape collection" so avoiding guests taking the mickey.

Thanks very much


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29 Jun 2001
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Grib software is only compatible with Win 32-bit (it won't work with a 64-bit OS), but I'm pretty certain it works with any Windows Mobile device now work

Extract from Forum webmaster 13/08/08

So I had to take along my laptop and I was dependend on local Wifi, wich was mostly NOT available

>> using your PC or a PDA still requires you to get a connection to the Internet so we don't see why it's easier for you to connect with your PDA then with your PC? You could use your PDA as a modem or get one of these USB modems and use the SIM card from your PDA? Be carefull for roaming cost though!

Can you install Ugrib on a pda and get it working?

>> No. We have an internal prototype that works on Windows Mobile PDA's but the big issue is the visualisation on what is a small and slow screen. The PDA universe is evolving quickly though and we expect the hardware that will make the user experience satisfactory to be not to far away.