Memory Map and AIS


New member
1 Nov 2001
Cornwall, UK.
I thought I would share my experience of integrating AIS with Memory Map.
Last year I purchased the online European marine version of Memory Map and downloaded all the charts I needed for use with my laptop on board. It is linked to the fixed GPS set. All worked really well.
This year, wishing to add an AIS unit, I phoned MM and asked if AIS integration was possible. I was told not on the UK version but it was for a PDA, not a PC, and only on the USA version. So slightly miffed I looked at the USA site and reading it carefully, it lead me to believe otherwise. So I downloaded the trial version of their MM Navigator plus AIS add on and it all worked perfectly with the built in AIS simulator. It also works perfectly with the UK marine charts but not OS maps.
I now use the European version only for OS maps.
I have now purchased the US version (£80 approx) and installed a Garmin AIS 300 on the boat and all works very well.
Incidentally all GPS senders and listener instruments are linked to my laptop with an Actisense AIS NDC-4-A Multiplexer, NBF2 Buffer and USG-1-A USB connector. I also use the Franson GPS Gate software on the laptop to create all the virtual ports necessary at the correct Baud rates for the various software programs I use on the laptop.
I hope this information may be of use to anyone wishing to set up a similar system.