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8 Sep 2003
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This collection will pretty much get you all the way down the Atlantic coast of Spain and Portugal, thru Gibralater, and around in the Med across southern Spain, Northern Africa, Balarics, and on past Italy, thats a good few years worth of sunny cruising!

All either unsued or lightly used (we had to return early), but generally in very good condition, prices inc UK mainland postage (all hardback to heavy postage), open to offers on mutliple books:

Imray Islas Baleares (Ibiza, Formentera, Mallorca, Menorca) £25

Imray Italian Waters Pilot (W. and Sth coasts of italy, and islands of Sardinia, Sicily, and Malta) £25 (cost 60 Euros!)

Imray Spain (Costas del Sol and Blanca) £25

Imray Spain (Costas del Azahar, Dorada, and Brava) £25

Imray Atlantic Spain & Portugal £25

Imray North Africa (Gib, morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Pantelleria, Pelagie, & Malta) £25

Imray Med Almanac 05-06 (very good port chartlets / info etc) £12.50 (or free if you take all of the above)

UPDATE! forgot to also list RYA book of Med cruising, goves a good overview of what to expect, how to pret boat etc. £10.

Let me know if you need any more info.