Med Marina prices


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6 Jan 2005
Does anyone happen to know where there is a current price comparison for Med marina pricing?
We're looking to cruise over the summer for several months and are not keen on paying daily (mostly exhorbitant) marina rates. Years ago, chartering Yugoslavia, it was possible to simply moor on a harbour quay and pay very little, if anything - it seems that times have moved on...


10 Jun 2004
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Sadly its the same all over the med. There are still free moorings to be found but it gets harder use them as you have to be lucky to be there when someones leaving!

There was another post about port napolian a while ago and someone posted a link to port prices which coverd other places then just France ill see if i can find it later(i have to cook lunch now)

In France there is the "compass" which lists all ports from n.Spain/n.Italy and France. I can tell you that French ports only give daily rates when they have a free place at all!!

Even winter places like Cannes tell you to write in advance for winter then wont let you stay (if theres a place) longer than 5 days on daily rate!! But although its forbidden you can anchor outside but do note that with force 3/4 you will slowly enter the port or cross the bay!! Thats why its forbibben! They got fed up recovering charter boats from the beaches!

The Islands are still free and safe to anchor and there is an old Roman port but an 8 meter boat would be about the limit to get in. In winter you could get in with a 12 meter but block the entrance!

In Italy again its forbien to moore on the sea walls or breakwaters but some times you will find a space between other boats,and when the Police growl at you say nothing and move if they start to go red! Normaly its ok and the powers that be are extreamly freindly up to 3/4 days then you MUST ask.

It has become very much harder to find a place at all, In Italy all the places are by now booked and very expensive as well! For me to moore if there was a place would cost around 80Euros per night in summer!

There are lots of good anchorages and with a good tender you can still get around


18 Dec 2003
I pay about 100 sterling per month in cyprus inc water plus elec

I think they charge 4cyp overnight in outer habour

hope this helps