Mayhem off Clacton today


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13 Sep 2006
River Blackwater
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We assisted the vessel on fire. It was a small ski-boat with a fire in the engine compartment. Three adults on board and two young children.

Their fire extinguisher was not working, we passed ours to them and the fire was out in seconds. When we arrived on the scene they were talking to the CG using a handheld vhf set. They did not know where they were and were unable to provide the CG with a position.

All a bit silly, really. Five people in a bit of a mess for the want of an in-date fire extinguisher and a chart plotter of some description. God knows what must have been going through their minds when their extinguisher failed to work.

The Essex police rib arrived and took over and eventually handed the boat and its crew on to the lifeboat.

Makes you think, doesn't it?