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11 Jun 2002
Tesla in Space
There was a thread here recently about

not being entirely up to date with prices of fuel at various locations, so I said I'd check with them. They have sent me this response, which they've asked me to post here, and also to thank everyone who uses the site, and everyone that sends them fuel price updates

Hi Brendan,

Thank you for your message and the pointer to the news thread.

We do have to admit that the site has not been updated as much as we would
have liked over the winter months. Much of this seems to stem from a far
greater reluctance on the part of suppliers to tell us when they increase
their prices than when they reduce them.

On the whole last year, suppliers generally didn't keep us informed of new
prices nearly as well as they did during the previous year, so updates were
mainly based upon customer feedback and personal visits in our own area.

Our intention is to do a major update in the next couple of weeks and be as
fully up to date as possible before the main part of the boating season
begins. This naturally involves a great deal of time, effort and expense.
Since this site is a free service, it unfortunately has to take second place
to earning a living.

Happy boating!

Best regards,

Andy Binnington


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16 Oct 2001
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Seems fair enough to me. If it ain't earning a living, then it takes a back seat. If you don't get supplied with good info, what can you expect?

I look affter the MYC website and folks complain to me about it being updated or otherwise. Trouble is, they don't give me new info....

Crap in, crap out.

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